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Other PRINCE 2™ Courses

PRINCE2™ is the UK's most popular project management method
In addition to the popular Foundation & Practitioner qualification courses, other courses are available in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds, London & Manchester & other locations to support PRINCE2™ including
  • PRINCE2™ Overview (1 day)
  • PRINCE2™ Management Briefing (0.5 days)
  • Prince 2 Tailoring Workshops
  • Prince 2 One-to-One Support


In-house Company Training Prince 2 courses are available nationwide

PRINCE2™ Management Briefing (0.5 day)

  • A half-day session which gives CEOs and their senior colleagues an opportunity to look at PRINCE2™, assess the benefits to their organisation and know what to expect from projects using PRINCE2™.

PRINCE2™ Overview (1 day)

  • An overview for people involved working in a PRINCE2™ environment who need to understand their project role and responsibilities.

PRINCE2™ Tailoring Workshops (1 day)

  • A workshop for PRINCE2™ trained people to help them implement PRINCE2™ in their organisations or on specific projects.

PRINCE2™ One-to-One (1 day)

  • An intensive briefing session for individuals based on their own projects. Prices are by agreement and depend on location.
An Introduction to Prince 2

Prince 2 is the world’s leading project management method - using logical and organised stages, defined steps and clearly identified roles, responsibilities and relationships to deliver tangible benefits.

More than 4,000 people experience Prince 2 courses and Prince2 training every month, confident in the knowledge that the methodology encourages a best practice approach to running projects in a consistent framework.

In fact, since its introduction in 1989, Prince 2 has become the de facto standard for project management in both the public and private sectors.

Prince 2 training courses are widely available in the UK with two qualifications – Prince 2 Foundation and Prince 2 Practitioner - and the only pre-requisite candidates require to undertake Prince 2 training is a general background knowledge and experience of project management.

Thousands of UK professionals have successfully used Prince 2 courses to create a standard and structured approach to their project management, running projects which are well-organised, well-planned and results-driven.

And, because Prince 2 is an easily-tailored solution which can be used in any environment and divides projects into manageable stages, it ensures the efficient control and use of resources and regular process monitoring.

When used effectively, Prince 2 training ensures that successful projects have:
• A planned, organised and controlled start, middle and end
• Regular reviews of progress against the plan and the business case
• Flexible decision points
• Automatic management control of deviations from the plan
• Stakeholder and management involvement at the right time and place
• Excellent communication channels between the project, project management and the rest of the organisation

Foundation Level Qualification

The Prince 2 Foundation examination is the first of the two Prince 2 exams and is designed to measure whether a candidate understands the principles and terminology of the Prince 2 methodology.

The Prince 2 Foundation Course will equip the candidate with the ability to:
• Describe the purpose and major content of all roles, components, the eight processes and sub-processes, and techniques;
• State the inputs to, and outputs from, the eight processes;
• State the main purpose and key contents of the major management products;
• State the relationships between processes, deliverables, roles and management of a project.

The Prince 2 Foundation qualification takes the format of a one-hour multiple-choice exam featuring 75 questions – of which 38 correct answers are required to achieve a pass result.

Practitioner Level Qualification

The Prince 2 Practitioner examination is the second of the Prince 2 exams and is designed to measure a candidate’s ability to apply Prince 2 to the running and management of a project that supports Prince 2 methods.

On completion of the course, successful candidates will be able to:
• Produce detailed explanations of Prince 2 processes, components and techniques;
• Show that they understand the relationships between processes, components, techniques and Prince 2 products – and apply them in a project scenario;
• Demonstrate an understanding of the reasons and principles that underpin the elements of Prince 2 project management methods;
• Tune Prince 2 to different project circumstances;

The Prince 2 Practitioner qualification is a three-hour exam using a project scenario background format and three questions – worth 50 marks each. It is an ‘open-book’ exam enabling candidates to take along notes and reference material. An overall score of 75 out of the possible 150 is required to pass.

Prince2 Study Options

There are a number of Prince2 training options open to candidates, with courses available at 50 locations across the UK.

The most popular choice is to undertake an intensive five-day course, which incorporates both the Prince 2 Foundation and Prince 2 Practitioner examinations.

Alternatively, candidates can take the three-day Prince 2 Foundation course and exam and then follow this some four to six weeks later with a two or three-day Prince2 Conversion Course, which includes the Prince 2 Practitioner exam.

The Prince 2 Conversion Course is also ideal for project managers who have previously failed and wish to re-sit the Practitioner examination.

PRINCE2™ is a Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce

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PRINCE ®, ITIL ®, IT Infrastructure Library ® and M_o_R ® are Registered Trade Marks and Registered Community Trade Marks of the Office of Government Commerce, and registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. PRINCE2 ™ is a Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce.

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