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External Links
APM Group

The APM Group Limited (APMG) manages the accreditation of PRINCE2™, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) and the Management of Risk (M_o_R) on behalf of The Office of Government Commerce (OGC)

Visit APM Group Website

Association for Project Management

The Association for Project Management is the largest independent professional body of its kind in Europe. APM’s key objectives are to develop and promote project management across all sectors of industry and beyond.

Visit APM Website

Career Development Loans

Deferred repayment loans, providing individuals with help to fund vocational education or learning. Repayment of the loan commences following completion of a course, but can be spread over 6 months

Visit Career Development Loan Website

Management of Risk Website

The APMG's specialist website for the qualification in risk management

Visit the Management of Risk website

Managing Successful Programmes

Vist the APM group's website for more details of this qualification

Visit MSP Website

MBA Courses Worldwide

Offering a wide range of MBA: MBA part-time, Global MBA, Executive MBA courses worldwide in most languages
Find MBA Courses worldwide

Project Lifeline

The website for project managers - Lot of useful resources and tips

Visit the PM Lifeline Website

Project Management Institute (PMI)

The Project Management Institute (PMI®) is project management's leading global professional association based in the USA

Visit PMI Website

Project Manager Today

Project Manager Today (PMT) is the UK's leading, longest established, independent project management magazine

Visit Project Manager Today Website

Project Smart

Project Smart is the Internet based project management resource that helps managers at all levels to improve their performance. This site provides an important knowledge base for those involved in managing projects of all kinds. With regular updates, it keeps you in touch with the latest project management thinking.

Visit Project Smart Website

The Project Shop

The one-stop bookshop for project management publications

Visit The Project Shop Website

The TenStep Project Management Proces

The TenStep Project Management Process is a methodology for managing work as a project. TenStep provides the information necessary to successfully manage projects, including processes, procedures, techniques, best practices training and templates.
Visit the Tenstep Website

UK Business Directory

The online UK business directory offering free listings to UK businesses and companies

Visit the UK Business Directory

Wise Owl Microsoft Project Training

Wise Owl provide excellent Microsoft Project training with small classroom sizes (no more than 6) at city-centre locations across the UK, plus provide computer training in most other Microsoft applications, including Access, Excel and .NET.

Visit the Wise Owl Website

Business Benefits Through Project Management - Price £25

 This book shows senior managers how PRINCE2™ allows them to delegate yet retain control of the big picture, and how projects can be initiated and run successfully without massive management cost or overhead. In short, this publication helps ensure that business projects succeed, and yield the expected benefits.

Buy Online at the IT Governance Bookstore

Foundations of IT Service Management, based on ITIL - Price £30

 This new and already popular itSMF introduction book is a unique book that is accepted by all major players in the ITIL market as the default book for training and self-study. It cost-effectively replaces the more complex ITIL core books as an efficient entry to the ITIL literature.

The book (also available as a CD-Rom) is a unique self-study guide that contains all the material needed to prepare for the Foundation Certificate examination in IT Service Management.

It fully covers the official syllabus of the ITIL Foundations exam, as it is set by the ITIL Certification Management Board. It contains the same chapters on Service Support, Service Delivery and Security Management as the official Introduction to ITIL, plus a case description with questions, and an additional chapter on exam preparation, making it even more useful as a study guide for the ITIL Foundation exam.

While this book may serve as a textbook, it is not a theoretical book. Instead, it contains a wealth of practical knowledge collected by the editorial board. This practical knowledge and the introduction to the field of IT service management make the book useful even for those not preparing for the examination.

Since no single publication can have the answers to all the questions that arise in a field so multifaceted as IT Service Management, the aim of the book is to raise key questions, to encourage discussions and the comparison of the best practices found in the book with the reader's own experience.

Buy Online at the IT Governance Bookstore

Introduction to ITIL - Price £35

This is the official introduction to ITIL, the OGC IT Infrastructure Library from OGC.

The complete library is extensive and this unique, official publication offers an essential overview of the methodology, benefits and full range of ITIL publications available. It has individual chapters covering the background to IT service management as well as an introduction to ITIL. Individual chapters covering each of the main areas of the ITIL library. Each chapter looks at the objectives of the specific area (eg Security Management), the process, activities, process control and costs and possible problems. 

Clearly written and practical, anyone learning about ITIL or championing it within an organisation will find this book - which is as close to being 'ITIL in a box' as you could hope to fine - invaluable

Buy Online at the IT Governance Bookstore

Introduction to Programme Management - Price £28

 'Introduction to Programme Management' offers an excellent overview of the MSP method, which is Best Practice based on the experiences of industry experts.’ 

It addresses the wide subject area of managing organisational change, and gives particular focus to the interdependencies which require more than a ‘project’ management approach.

Based on the Managing Successful Programmes methodology published by the OGC (the UK Government’s Office of Government Commerce), the book also covers wider issues, techniques and concepts. This new title therefore acts as a brilliant stand-alone source on how to approach this complex issue; it is also an ideal tool for those approaching the Foundation exam.

This publication emphasises the real-life approach of change implementation within the scope of a programme. It also acts as a study guide for all those preparing for the MSP Foundation exam and includes a special Exam chapter

Buy Online at the IT Governance Bookstore

ITIL and IT Service Management Starter Kit

 These items provide a comprehensive introduction to the IT Infrastructure Library, to IT Service Management, and the relationship between the two. These books are appropriate for anyone taking an ITIL Training Course.

Introduction to ITIL is the OGC's official introduction to the IT Infrastructure Library>

Foundations of IT Service Management, based on ITIL is the recognized book for training and self-study for those preparing for the Foundation Certificate examination.

IT Service Management, a Companion to ITIL is the IT Service Management Foundation's pocket guide to ITIL and for those taking the Foundation Certificate.

itSMF Dictionary of Terms, Acronyms and Abbreviations is exactly what it says, and is a handy reference point for beginner and experienced practitioner alike.
Buy Online at the IT Governance Bookstore

ITIL: The Complete Library - Price £499

 Every ITIL professional wants and needs all the ITIL titles. The complete, official OGC library of core ITIL titles is therefore available for purchase as a single item. The library, which doesn't include Small Scale Implementations, consists of:

Introduction to ITIL
ITIL: Service Support
ITIL: Service Delivery
ITIL: Security Management
ITIL: The Business Perspective (Vol 1)
ITIL: Planning to Implement Service Management
ITIL: Application Management
ITIL: Software Asset Management
ITIL: ICT Infrastructure Management

Acquire the whole ITIL library today for less than £500
(excluding delivery)
Or Buy the Complete ITIL Library on CD-Rom

Buy Online at the IT Governance Bookstore

itSMF Pocket Guides to ITIL: Complete Set - Price £50

 There are six itSMF pocket guides to ITIL, each of which aligns with one of the core ITIL guides. The six pocket guides are:

IT Service Management
IT Security Management
Planning to Implement Service Management
Application Management
ICT Infrastructure Management
The Business Perspective

In addition, you need the Dictionary of Terms, Acronyms and Abbreviations. You can buy all seven of these key guides from this site for just £49.95 (plus VAT)
Buy Online at the IT Governance Bookstore

Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2™ - Reference Manual - Price £65

 This reference manual describes the PRINCE2™ project management method which provides detailed guidance on how to set up, organise, manage, control and deliver your projects on time, within budget and to the right quality.

Buy Online at the IT Governance Bookstore

Passing the PRINCE2™ Examinations - Price £15

 Essential reading for everyone preparing for the PRINCE2™ Foundation and Practitioner examinations. PRINCE2 practitioners intending to sit the one-hour re-registration examination will also benefit from the advice and guidance provided as the approaches and preparation for this examination and the registered practitioner examinations are similar.

Buy Online at the IT Governance Bookstore

PRINCE2™ 2003 Examinations Assistant

This booklet is designed to assist you to prepare for the examinations. Before tackling the multiple-choice Foundation and 3 hour scenario-based Practitioner Exam you will need to prepare throughly. This publication provides advise on how to approch the examinations. The sample examination papers give you an insight into what to expect. There is also useful reference in the topic lists and reference to other publications in the exam crib sheets.

Order through The Project Shop

Project Management for Dummies

Projects have been around since ancient times: Noah building the Ark, Leonardo da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa, landing a man on the moon-all projects. Over the past decade, the number of projects has exploded in the workplace. Projects, from large to small, are the way companies and organizations get work done. Project Management For Dummies dispels the notion that projects are large, technically complex undertakings that only MBA's can manage. This handy reference shows readers everything from how to assemble the right team, to figuring out a schedule, estimating needed resources, and managing the project as it progresses.

Project Management: an Introduction based on Prince2 - £30

 This book is a practical book for the user working daily on projects. In this book, the process-based approach to project management is described and the components and techniques necessary for this are dealt with. The three authors have successfully combined their tremendous experience and made this available in a structured manner to those who are involved in controlling, designing or managing projects. And whatever they missed was added by a team of expert reviewers!

The description of the processes, components and techniques is based on the PRINCE2 methodology. The same process schedule has been maintained and the same components and techniques are described. The PRINCE2 terminology has also been taken over one to one.

This book deals not only with the PRINCE2 methodology, but also with activities and planning resources and the project environment. This complements the PRINCE2 methodology and is an essential support for anyone taking the Prince2 exams. 

Buy Online at the IT Governance Bookstore

Successful Project management

Successful Project Management will enable any manager to significantly raise the probability of success with their projects and contains practical and well-tested techniques.
Complete with checklists and specific guidance notes, this essential book covers the entire project management process and will improve your chances of success.

More Details & Buy ...

Tailoring PRINCE2™

Tailoring Prince2PRINCE2™ is a very adaptable project management method, but new users particularly find knowing how and where to adapt it to the size and scope of their projects somewhat daunting. This can lead to over-zealous adherence to unnecessary levels of formality and detail in smaller, low-risk projects, and the impression of excessive bureaucracy on the part of PRINCE2™. Conversely, it can also lead to inappropriate short cuts being taken in other cases, undermining the integrity of the method, the control and management of risk that it provides.

Order through OGC

Tailoring PRINCE2™ - Practical Reader - Price £25

This book guides readers on how to stay on the safe ground between these two extremes - appropriate fine tuning of the method is illustrated in examples. Bridging the gap between the theory of the PRINCE2™ Manual and the inconsistencies of real situations it provides practical, compliant advice designed to keep PRINCE2™ projects moving but under control.

Buy Online at the IT Governance Bookstore

The Definitive Guide to Project Management

The Definitive Guide to Project Management will show you, step by step, how to deliver the right projects in the right way at the right time, while keeping your life in balance. Using the principles, the authors help you master the essentials of good project management and then explore the situations where good projects and good business meet.

More Details & Buy ...

Understanding PRINCE2™ - Price £30

This publication is based on the PRINCE2™ method and is aimed at helping anybody involved within the PRINCE2™ framework, to understand the approaches used in the method. It is primarily an interpretation of the full manual and provides an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to understand the principles and use the structure of project management in any activity. Ken Bradley's practical experience of managing projects together with his understanding the needs of project managers is evident through the techniques and best practice tips that are included in the book.

Buy Online at the IT Governance Bookstore

Using PRINCE2™

This book allows a project manager with a grounding in PRINCE2™ to see the rules in relation to the role of the project manager. The authors have made a valuable contribution to ensuring that PRINCE2™ remains a practical tool for the project manager.

Order through TSO Books

eProject - Project Management Software

eproject offers project management software, tools for resource planning and project portfolio management.

Visit eproject website

Project Mentor

Project Mentor is an exciting new solution to help you and your business get the very best out of Microsoft Project. 

From doing existing activities more easily, through to identifying new ways to help you achieve goals you currently feel are out of your reach, Project Mentor provides immediate benefits and realistic results

Data from actual Project Mentor users indicate a 50% gain in Microsoft Project knowledge as a direct result of using Project Mentor.

Project Mentor is the only CBT system that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Project 2003 & 2002.

Visit Project Mentor Website

VIP Task Manager

VIP Task Manager is professional client/server groupware for project and team management. It allows planning, scheduling, sharing, tracking and reporting tasks, appointments, projects, and any company activities through Local Network (LAN).

VIP Task Manager

PRINCE ®, ITIL ®, IT Infrastructure Library ® and M_o_R ® are Registered Trade Marks and Registered Community Trade Marks of the Office of Government Commerce, and registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. PRINCE2 ™ is a Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce.

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