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Microsoft Project 2002 - Level 1

Duration: 1 day
Course Code: WWPMSP2L1
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The primary objective of the programme is to introduce a user to the basic operations of Microsoft Project.
Programme Developed For:
Users who want to learn how to create a basic project schedule with tasks and task relationships.

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Arrow London - Oxford St, London 12 October 2006 £325
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No previous experience in using Microsoft Project is required in this programme. It is assumed, however, that you have:
• Knowledge of PC fundamentals
• Experience in working within the Microsoft Windows environment
• A reasonable degree of keyboard proficiency
• Experience in using a mouse
Programme Focus
Getting started
• What is project management? Steps of project management
• Defining the goals and requirements of a project
• Identifying potential problems in a project schedule and opportunities for reducing costs
• Tracking the progress of a project
• Resolving resource over-allocation problems
• Reporting the progress of a project
• Evaluating a completed project; what is Microsoft Project?
• Starting Microsoft Project; the Microsoft Project application window

• Working with Microsoft Project menus and toolbars
• Changing the project view; resetting the working folder
• Displaying help information; exiting from Microsoft Project

Building a simple project
• The Project guide
• Setting a project start date/saving a Project
• Creating a project schedule; entering a milestone
• Inserting and deleting tasks
• Reordering a task list; closing a project

Developing a project plan (part 1)
• Outlining a task list; types of task relationships
• Linking tasks in a finish-to-start relationship
• Changing the time-scale of a Gantt chart
• Linking tasks in a finish-to-finish relationship
• Adding lag time and lead time between tasks
• Using work breakdown structure codes
• Creating a network diagram

Developing a project plan (part 2)
• Revising the Project calendar
• The resource sheet and adding resources
• Creating new calendars for resources
• Assigning resources to tasks
• Revising resource information/assigning additional units of a resource to a task
• Contouring a resource assignment
• Working with cost rate tables
• Creating and applying a task calendar

Developing a project plan (part 3)
• Identifying the critical path of a project
• Identifying slack time in a project schedule
• Constraining a task; setting a deadline for a task
• Defining a fixed-duration or fixed work task
• Additional project planning topics

Sharing data with other applications
• Copying a Microsoft Project view into a Microsoft Word document
• Exporting Microsoft Project sheet entries into a Microsoft Excel
• worksheet
• Importing Microsoft Excel worksheet entries into Microsoft Project

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