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Management of Risk - Practitioner

Duration: 5 days
Course Code: REGMORC
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This combined Foundation and Practitioner Management of Risk (M_o_R®) Course incorporates all the activities required to identify and control the exposure to risk which may have an impact on achievement of an organisation’s business objectives.
The course begins with a definition of policy and, through a series of well-defined steps, ends with the implementation of the M_o_R® framework which will give you the tools to both identify and manage risk.  The aim being to support better decision making through a greater understanding of risks and their likely impact, and providing you with the ability to tailor your approach to risk according to your organisation's needs.
    · A 5-Day Course including Foundation and Practitioner examinations.
    · Accredited by the APM Group Ltd.
    · Delivered by an accredited M_o_R® Training Organisation at the forefront of Management
      of Risk.
    · Course fees include:  pre-course reading, M_o_R® manual, Foundation Exam (taken on
      Day 3), and Practitioner Exam (taken on Day 5).

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There are no official pre-requisites for this course, however, it is strongly recommended that time be allowed to become familiar with the pre-course material.  Pre-course material is issued once a course has been confirmed.
Course Format:-
    · The course is a mixture of input and practical sessions covering the M_o_R®
    · This course combines the Foundation Level 3 day event and the last 2 days being
      focused on revision and preparation for the Practitioner exam.
    · After completing the Foundation exam the Practitioner event moves onto a
      revision of the method.
    · Delegates are provided with a structured preparation day for the Practitioner
      exam including exam tips, and sample questions with feedback.
    · The Practitioner exam is based on a comprehensive case-study.  This case-study
      is made available to delegates as part of the pre-course reading material, and
      utilised extensively on the course itself, to enable delegates to understand and
      analyse it prior to the exam.
Pre-course materials:
A pre-course reading pack is provided consisting of the following elements:-
Outline information on:-
    ·  A reading guide to the OGC M_o_R® Guidance for Practitioners manual
    ·  The Turnbull Report (A copy of the Turnbull Report will be issued on the training
    ·  Successful IT: Modernising Government
M_o_R® Case Study:-
    ·  TELECOM BV Company Overview
    ·  TELECOM BV The BPR Programme
    ·  (TBV) Personnel Chart
    ·  Sample Exam Papers
    ·  Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners 'The Manual'. The official guide
       from the Office of Government Commerce (OGC).
Course Schedule:
Monday - Wednesday
 09.00 - 17.30
 Course Syllabus
 16.00 - 16.45
 Foundation exam
 09.00 - 17.30
 Preparation for Practitioners exam
 19.00 - 13.00
 Practitioners exam
The Foundation exam is a 45 minute, 45 question multiple choice paper. Delegates require 23 marks or more to pass.
The Practitioner exam comprises 2 sections; A and B. Section A consists of one question which is worth 50 marks. Section B consists of 4 questions each worth 25 marks.  Delegates must answer 2 questions from this section. Delegates must pass both parts of the paper (A and B) at the same sitting of the M_o_R® Practitioner exam. You will need 50% averaged over the two sections to pass the exam.
A residential option is available. Please ask for details and prices.

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