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Managing Successful Programmes - Foundation

Duration: 3 days
Provider: Parity Training
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This course will give delegates a sound understanding of the principles and practice of successful Programme Management and prepares them for the MSP Foundation exam which is included in the course

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All organisations and companies undergo continuous change and improvement as a natural process. The main vehicle for delivering change is the project. However there is a limit to what one project can achieve and major change may often only be delivered through a portfolio of projects – ie a Programme.
Programmes are complex, difficult and carry substantial risk. They involve many parts of an enterprise and a great deal of valuable resources. The impact of not managing them successfully could be considerable. Programmes require effective management to be successful. Programme Management provides a proven framework for managing portfolios of projects that deliver benefits to the business.
This course will give delegates a sound understanding of the principles and practice of successful Programme Management which is included in the course
Course Content

Course Objectives and Introduction
Introduction to Programme Management
What is Programme Management?
The Programme Management framework.
Using Programme Management for successful delivery.
Managing the change process
What is business change?
The strategic context: drivers for change.
The Programme Management environment.
Critical success factors.
Organisation and Leadership
Key principles of leadership.
Programme sponsorship.
Programme direction.
The Senior Responsible Owner.
The Programme Manager.
Business Change Managers.
The Programme Office.
Tailoring a programme organisation.
Overview of processes and products
Programme Management information.
The Vision statement.
The Blueprint.
Programme Management information.
Identifying a programme
Summary and purpose.
Inputs, outputs and decisions.
Defining a programme
Summary and purpose.
Inputs, outputs and decisions.
Programme Planning and control
Planning and scheduling.
Managing resources.
Programme-level control.
Progress monitoring and performance measurement.
The Programme Plan.
Responsibilities for programme planning and control.
Business Case management
The evolution of the Business Case.
The Business Case contents.
Reviewing the Business Case.
Managing the Business Case.
Responsibilities for Business Case management.
Benefits Management
The Benefits Management Strategy.
Identifying benefits.
Benefit Profiles.
The Benefits Realisation Plan.
Reviewing benefit realisation.
Responsibilities for benefits management.
Governing a programme
Inputs, outputs and decisions.
Risk management and issue resolution
The Risk Management Strategy
Risk identification
Risk management
The Issue Resolution Strategy
- Issue resolution
- Change control
- Responsibilities for risk management and issue resolution
Managing the portfolio
Summary and purpose.
Project Start-up.
Inputs, outputs and decisions.
Stakeholder management and communication
Identifying stakeholders.
Stakeholder Management Strategy.
Analysing stakeholders.
The Communications Plan.
Managing stakeholders.
Responsibilities for stakeholder management.
Quality management
Configuration Management.
Assessing quality.
Audit reviews.
Programme assurance.
The Quality Management Strategy.
Responsibilities for quality management
Managing benefits
Summary and purpose.
Inputs, outputs and decisions.
Closing a programme
Purpose and summary.
Inputs, outputs and decisions.

Course Objectives

To provide delegates with a good understanding of the OGC (Office of Government Commerce) approach to Managing Programmes (in the book, Managing Successful Programmes, MSP). In addition, it will help to prepare delegates for the APM Group administered Foundation examination in Programme Management.
What skills will the delegate gain?

This course will enable delegates to:
  • Understand the need for programme management and how the OGC method achieves the requirement.
  • Design appropriate Programmes and Programme Management frameworks.
  • Understand the principles of successful Programme Management.
  • Apply the principles to design appropriate organisational roles and structures.
  • Understand the relationship between mission, strategy, programmes and projects.
  • Manage the realisation of benefits and the needs of stakeholders.
  • Set up a framework for planning, control, issues resolution, risk management, quality control and configuration management.
  • Understand the six Programme Management processes, namely identification, definition, governance, portfolio management, delivering benefits and closure.
  • Prepare for and take the Foundation Certificate Examination in Programme Management.
Who will the course benefit?

Programme Managers, Senior Responsible Owners, those managers involved in Business Change, Programme Support staff, Project Managers who will undertake roles in Programmes and all staff seeking a professional qualification in Programme Management.

Delegates should have a good appreciation of the principles and sound practical experience of Project Management, ideally utilising a recognised structured methodology. It would be helpful if they have some knowledge and/or experience of strategic or business planning. 

The course has been designed to prepare delegates for and comply with the requirements in the syllabus for the Foundation Examination in Programme Management, administered by the Association for Project Management Group Ltd (APM Group Ltd).
Additional Notes

Free copies of the OGC’s ‘Managing Successful Programmes’ manual published by The Stationery Office (normal price £35) will be provided to all delegates.
What's Included ?
The course fee includes lunch and refreshments and the Foundation Examination fee.

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