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Managing DSDM Projects

Duration: 2 days
Provider: Parity Training
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This course will provide delegates with the skills to manage rapid development projects.

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Effective Management of RAD Projects

Rapid development introduces new challenges to project managers. The iterative, prototyping nature of rapid development projects requires empowered teams able to make decisions for the project without recourse to people outside the project. Such empowerment requires very skilled project management to ensure success of the project.
Course Content

A review of the purpose of DSDM
What is RAD?
The need for RAD and why DSDM?
The need for a standard RAD framework.
The DSDM Project Management Philosophy
Definition of DSDM philosophy.
The People
Team structure & Sponsorship.
Team roles and responsibilities
Managing empowered teams.
Managing user involvement.
Managing relationships outside the team.
The Process
Timeboxing and Prototyping.
Planning & Control.
Project Monitoring and Reporting
Risk assessment and management.
Change control.
Documentation considerations
The Products
Management by deliverable.
Defining a DSDM-compliant product set. Quality control and TickIT.

What skills will the delegate gain?

This course will enable delegates to:
Focus on the specific skills of human resource management that are needed for a DSDM project.
Outline how DSDM addresses RAD project management issues.
Who will the course benefit?

Experienced project managers and team leaders.
Prospective team members of projects will also benefit from the course.
 Delegates who attend this course and the one day Parity DSDM Awareness course, and who have suitable RAD experience will be able to sit for the DSDM Practitioner Certificate.

It is normally expected that delegates will have acquired knowledge of DSDM by the Parity DSDM Awareness or DSDM Practitioner courses. Delegates are also expected to have project management experience. 

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