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Duration: 2 days
Provider: WWP Training
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This programme encourages individuals to apply a range of methods to invoke more assertive behaviour.

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Arrow Windsor, Berkshire 9th Mar 06 £750
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This programme encourages individuals to apply a range of methods to invoke more assertive behaviour. It looks at how we can communicate positively with people looking towards win-win outcomes, making the interaction as mutually satisfactory as possible.
Performance Based Objectives
• Demonstrate effective communication skills
• Define assertive behaviour and demonstrate ways to communicate assertively
• Determine the difference between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour
• Apply the EEC model for giving and receiving feedback
• Recognise their own behavioural style
• Identify methods of expressing yourself positively to project a confident image
• Show an understanding of your own rights and the rights of others to express their views
Recognise assertive behaviour having practised techniques in a range of situations
Programme Developed For:

Anyone who wishes to be more assertive in their communication and relationships with others.

Programme Focus

Introduction and Objectives
The communication process
• Prepare to communicate
• Communication tools
• Active listening
• Body language
• Using your voice
Self awareness
• Self esteem
• Submissive, aggressive and assertive behaviour
• Behavioural styles
• Self perception
• How others see us
Assertiveness toolkit
• Assertiveness techniques
• Giving feedback
• Self disclosure and “I” statements
• Saying “No”
• Behaviour categories
Controlling emotion
• Techniques for staying calm and in control
• Barriers to assertiveness, controlling fear, coping with criticism
Assessing your knowledge and putting the skills into practice
• Practising techniques in a range of situations
• Making it happen – action planning

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