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PRINCE2™ Practitioner

Duration: 5 days
Provider: WWP Training
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PRINCE2™ is the recognised standard project management method, being used extensively both in the UK and internationally.
This PRINCE2™ Combined Foundation & Practitioner course will provide you with the necessary skills to apply PRINCE2™ to a range of project types in both the IT and non IT business context:-
  • A 5-day course including Foundation and Practitioner examinations.
  • Accredited by the APM Group Ltd.
  • Delivered by an accredited PRINCE2™ training organisation
  • Course fee includes:
    • Pre-course reading pack
    • PRINCE2™ manual
    • Registration & examination
    • Total value over £250

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Next available Non-Residential courses:-

  Venue  Date  Price  Availability
Arrow London - Oxford St., London 9th Jan 06 £1,595
  Course Notes:
WWP Prince 2 Practitioner courses run over 3 weeks:
Week 1 - 9th-11th Jan
Week 2 - 20th Jan
Week 3 - 27th Jan
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Arrow Bristol - Fern Hill, Bristol 16th Jan 06 £1,595
  Course Notes:
WWP Prince 2 Practitioner courses run over 3 weeks:
Week 1 - 16th-18th Jan
Week 2 - 27th Jan
Week 3 - 6th Feb
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Arrow Windsor, Berkshire 6th Feb 06 £1,595
  Course Notes:
WWP Prince 2 Practitioner courses run over 3 weeks:
Week 1 - 6th-8th Feb
Week 2 - 17th Feb
Week 3 - 24th Feb
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This five-day programme uses a unique structure, a 3+ 1+ 1 day format to ensure a balance is achieved between gaining a proper understanding of the principles of PRINCE2™ and the chances of passing the PRINCE2™ Practitioner examination. WWP boasts a 90% pass rate for the Practitioner Examination delivered in this way compared to the national average of 66%.
Days 1 -3: Participants will be provided with a copy of the PRINCE2™ Manual and a pre-programme study pack prior to attending days 1 to 3 and will be expected to complete at least eight hours of directed self-study using these. In addition, up to two hours of self-study on the evening of the first and second day will be required (prior knowledge and experience of PRINCE2™ may lessen this time). Formal presentation is blended with group and individual practical exercises to reinforce learning and enable participants to benefit from others’ experience whilst preparing for the examinations. There will also be time for discussion and clarification of any issues.
Day 4: After a break of approximately one week for self study, participants return to take the Foundation Examination in which most participants are able to score at least 80%. They will spend the remaining time dedicated to preparation and technique for the Practitioner Examination.
Day 5: After a break of approximately another week, participants will spend the morning doing final exam preparation and will take the Practitioner examination in the afternoon. After passing the examination and becoming a Registered PRINCE2™ Practitioner, all Practitioners are required to pass a short re-registration examination 3 to 5 years afterwards to maintain this status.
This programme includes a copy of the PRINCE2™ Manual, slides, accompanying notes, pre-course study pack, Practitioner exam preparation pack and entry to the Foundation and Practitioner examination.
Performance Based Objectives
• Recognise, understand and adopt the proven good project management practice embodied in PRINCE2™
• Gain the best possible preparation for taking the Foundation examination
• Understand how the PRINCE2™ process model fits together
• Understand the context and main function of each process
• Understand the main ideas underlying each component
• Understand the uses of each component and the techniques described in PRINCE2™
Programme Developed For:

Anyone involved in project work needing an in depth understanding of PRINCE2™ up to the standard of the PRINCE2™ Practitioner examination, In particular, Project Managers, Team Leaders and Managers, Project Assurance and Project Support roles working in a PRINCE2™ environment. Those intending to play a role in a project conducted in accordance with PRINCE2™ or advise an organisation on implementing PRINCE2™. Guidance is available from our Project Specialists for those uncertain about attending this programme as their first interface with project management.
Programme Focus

Introduction & Objectives
• Business and Projects
• Management of Risk Component
• Project Management
• Initiating a Project
• Overview of PRINCE2™ Processes and Components
• Configuration Management Component
• Project Start-Up
• Controls Component
• Organisation Component
• Controlling a Stage, Managing Product Delivery and Managing Stage Boundaries
• Business Case Component
• Change Control
• Project Scenarios
• Quality in a Project Environment
• Product-Based Planning
• Closing a Project
• Plans Component
• Benefits of PRINCE2™
• The Planning Process
• Foundation and Practitioner Examinations

Some experience of working in a project management environment, or at least a good understanding of the principles and uses of project management.

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