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ITIL Foundation Certificate

Duration: 3 days
Provider: Xpertise
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This three-day instructor-led course prepares delegates for the ISEB FOUNDATION examination in Service Management. It is an intensive, interactive workshop consisting of formal lecturing, discussions, exercises, presentations and test examination questions.

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This course is a practical workshop, based on the Service Management de facto standard ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) for IT staff of all levels who are involved in the delivery or support of IT services. The workshop fully prepares participants for the ISEB Foundation Certificate in Service Management.
This course prepares delegates for the ISEB FOUNDATION examination in Service Management. The course and trainers are fully accredited by the BCS/ISEB through Opsys-SM2.
On the last afternoon of the course there is a 40 question multiple-choice examination of one hour.
How will Attendees Benefit ?
On completion of the course participants will appreciate the need for Service Management, its components, dependencies between components, processes and disciplines, which can bring an organisation quantifiable business benefits. Participants will learn how each discipline contributes to successful Service Management and is essential in ensuring IT delivers quality services to customers.
Delegates will learn how to:
  • Articulate the purpose and objectives of Service Management.
  • Appreciate the concepts and processes of Service Management: a controlled and disciplined approach to the support and delivery of quality services.
  • Identify the costs, benefits and problems of introducing and running Service Management.
  • Appreciate the ITIL processes and procedures needed to deliver effective, quality IT.
  • Identify the key elements of the eleven ITIL Service Management disciplines.
  • Appreciate the crucial role planning plays in delivering Quality IT services
    Monitor and measure in order to quantify successful Service Delivery.
  • Appreciate the crucial role SLA’s play in ensuring both the customer and IT supplier understand an organisation’s business and IT requirements.
Course Outline
  • Introduction to and reasons for ITIL
  • ITIL vocabulary, key terminology and processes
    Inter-dependencies of the ITIL modules
  • Justifying ITIL in an organisation
  • ITIL and Quality
  • Planning for Service Management
  • Service Level Management and SLAs
  • Understanding, identifying and controlling IT resources
  • Effective handling of incidents and problems, speedy restoration of services and resolution of problems
  • Understanding the essential role of the Service Desk in delivering quality IT services that delight your customers
  • Controlling changes in an organisation and delivering required benefits through controlled release processes
  • Capacity planning for IT resources
  • Planning for high availability and IT Service Continuity, anticipating large and small service interruptions
  • Understanding the financial issues inherent in providing quality IT services
  • Improved Management reporting as a result of disciplined data collection
  • Examination practice, technique, hints & tips

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