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Effective Management

Duration: 3 days
Provider: Remarc
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This programme is designed for managers, supervisors and team leaders who want to be better at managing their people and who may not have had any formal training.

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Programme Benefits

After completion, this programme will enable your organisation to:
  • Develop a consistent approach towards management styles throughout the company and eliminate poor management styles.
  • Boast members of staff who have gained experience in dealing with various employee situations.
  • Build more structure to your teams.
  • Claim a happier workforce. People are aware when they are being managed poorly and sometimes just have to put up with it, or worse case scenario, leave. You will be able to eliminate this risk.
  • Operate with strong leadership and company vision which means your employees are clear as to what is expected of them, what the company hopes to achieve, by when and how.
  • Improve its management which will increase team motivational levels resulting in a boost in productivity.
  • Operate with management capable of setting good examples for their teams to follow.
  • Monitor individual objectives, which in turn should mean team and business objectives are more attainable and if they are not you will know why.
After completion, this programme will enable the delegate to:
  • Pick up the necessary leadership skills to effectively motivate yourself and others to succeed.
  • Motivate people (not just people at work).
  • Build confidence as a manager and gain respect and trust from your team.
  • Set SMART objectives, with measurable results.
  • Become capable of setting clear objectives for yourself and your team by using the objective setting for performance management.
  • Enhance team performance with strong leadership and direction.
  • Effectively appraise all individuals, using a structured format.
  • Communicate with others to achieve results.
  • Become more confident in delegating work to others.
Programme Outline

Managing business objectives.
Managing individual and team objectives.
Managing development and training.
Leading or managing?
Defining visions for your teams.
Teamwork – what it is and what it does.
Leading, building and motivating a team.
Delegating work to best advantage.
Performance coaching.
Giving appropriate feedback.
Motivating poor performers.
Motivating people to perform.
All aspects of appraisal and evaluation, from preparing to conducting.
Business Planning. - Do you know where you are going?

Delegate Comments

“How will my team recognise the new me! Seriously, lots of new skills to put into practice.”

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