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PRINCE2™ Practitioner

Duration: 5 days
Provider: SPOCE
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PRINCE2™ is the recognised standard project management method, being used extensively both in the UK and internationally.
This PRINCE2™ Combined Foundation & Practitioner course will provide you with the necessary skills to apply PRINCE2™ to a range of project types in both the IT and non IT business context:-
  • A 5-day course including Foundation and Practitioner examinations.
  • Accredited by the APM Group Ltd.
  • Delivered by an accredited PRINCE2™ training organisation
  • Course fee includes:
    • Pre-course reading pack
    • PRINCE2™ manual
    • Registration & examination
    • Total value over £250

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In the present competitive environment a properly implemented structured project management approach is necessary to organise, plan and control all business undertakings. This event provides those responsible for planning and managing projects with a structure which will help them without imposing too great an overhead, or stifling creativity. Senior managers’ needs are also addressed by providing the structure for a suitable decision support environment.
The UK Government PRINCE2™ method is internationally accepted as the leading "best practice" project management approach and is gaining momentum within local government and the private sector, as well as being the recognised standard for central government and the NHS. Leading private sector companies have already introduced PRINCE2™ world-wide. The method is usually tailored to reflect the organisation's existing standards, approaches and business. An examination (controlled and marked by the APM Group) is available on the final day of the event for delegates wishing to be registered as a PRINCE2™ Practitioner.

Designed For

Any organisation or individual seeing the need for a controlled approach to managing its projects. The course is suitable for project managers, project support and assurance staff, and managers from any discipline. The PRINCE2™ method is flexible and adaptable for any type and size of project, and offers an excellent management foundation for any member of staff.

Contents (Extract)
Structure Approach to Project Management
Setting the scene for a structured approach to managing all projects; project success criteria; a model of the PRINCE2™ Method.
The Process-Based Approach to Project Management
PRINCE2™ focuses on the key Processes needed for successful project management. These Processes must be present but may be tuned to reflect the scope and risks faced by the Project Team.
The Project Organisation Structure; Key Decision Makers, Project Manager, Project Support;, Project Teams; Roles & Responsibilities Defined.
Management, Quality and Specialist Products; Product Descriptions; Activity Plans; Resource Plans; Quality Plans; Approach to Planning; Software Support for Planning and the PRINCE2™ Environment.
Project Controls
Project Initiation and Closure, Project Reviews - End Stage Assessments; Team Controls - Checkpoints and Reporting; Highlight Reports; Significant Departures From Plan - Tolerance.
Project Initiation & The Business Case
Project Initiation Document - Content and Process. Business Benefits; Risk Assessment & Management; Decision Support.
Configuration Management & Change Controls
Documentation and Product Controls. Handling Changes to Signed-Off Products.
Quality Management
Quality Criteria; Quality Review and other Techniques; Quality Controls; Link to BS/EN//ISO9000 Quality Management System.
Support Services & Commercial Partnerships 
Support from OGC - ongoing development. Association for Project Management Group involvement; Examination & Registration; Accreditation, logo, International initiatives.


PRINCE2™ Manual
The PRINCE2™ Manual, published by The Stationery Office, providing the 'official line'
The brand new , 280 page publication and containing over 100 tables and diagrams. All aspects of PRINCE2™ are described in an easy to understand way.
Paul Bradley's "2002 PRINCE2™ Examinations Assistant"
Another excellent booklet providing techniques and specimen answers for both the Foundation and Practitioner exams.
PRINCE2™ Practitioner's Event Practical Work Pack
Containing individual work enabling you to practise the elements contained within the PRINCE2™ Method. The Practical Work Pack also contains 100 Examination-type questions enabling those who are a bit rusty at examination technique to get a feel for the type of questions that will be asked. All the exercises come with illustrative answers. The Individual Exercises are designed to familiarise you with the PRINCE2™ Manual and to help you understand the PRINCE2™ Method in a stimulating and interesting way.
PRINCE2™ Computer-based Training Package+ Visa-Examination Assistants
SPOCE have developed a Computer-Based Training Package for Delegates attending our Practitioner’s Event. VISA Provides software-based revision assistants to familiarise you with the Foundation exam. Visa Gold is a Foundation Exam simulation with questions being drawn randomly from an examination database. This enables Candidates to check their progress towards the "magic 50%"!

Following the course, Delegates will be able to organise, plan and control projects quickly and effectively in accordance with the PRINCE2™ Methodology. Senior Management will be able to make decisions on project initiation and continuation on the basis of hard facts provided in a structured format.

The course will be a mixture of input and practical sessions, delivered by an APM Group approved trainer/consultant with practical experience of PRINCE2™. Practical sessions will be on an individual and team basis focusing on the examination on the final day. The event Documentation is excellent; All Delegates receive a copy of Ken Bradley's "Understanding PRINCE2™" and "Passing The PRINCE2™ Examination", and a full Stationery Office PRINCE2™ Manual.

PRINCE2™ is a Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce   

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