Course Outline:   ISEB Certificate in Organisational Context

Duration:  3 days

Course Code:  PTYORGC

Understanding the broader organisation

Many people working in IT are experts in their technical speciality, but haven’t had the opportunity to learn about the general fundamentals of Business and Organisation. This course aims to give a brief outline of the basic principles of Organisation, touching on a variety of topics that make up the Organisation Context into which IT must fit, operate and deliver benefits.

On completion of this course delegates may wish to sit the ISEB Certificate in Organisational Context examination.

Who will the course benefit?

Business Analysts, Process Analysts, Change Management Specialists, Business System Architects, IT Project and Programme Management. Those studying towards the ISEB Diploma in Business analysis.

Course Objectives

To introduce broader business concepts and structures that impact on the design of Business and IT systems.

Skills Gained

This course will enable delegates to:

  • Describe the range and type of business organisations in the UK.
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of a range of management structures operated within organisations.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the work carried out by key functions found within organisations.
  • Explain legislative issues affecting information systems.
  • Understand the range of activities carried out by financial and management accountants.
  • Apply investment appraisal, costing and cash flow forecasting techniques.




On completion of this course delegates may wish to sit the ISEB Certificate in Organisational Context.

Course Content

Nature of Organisations

General discussion of the fundamentals of Business and Organisation.
Types of Organisation.


Basic elements of Finance and Financial Accounting.
Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow.
Key Ratios.
Sources of Finance.
The Business Plan.

Functions and Information Systems

Basic Business Functions such as Sales, Marketing, Operations, Procurement, Finance and HR.
Value adding Activities, Value Enabling Activities, Margin.
Management and Leadership.
Data and Information.
Information Systems and Information Technology.

Cost and Management Accounting

Costing techniques.
Breakeven Analysis.

Legal Issues affecting IS / IT

Law and Government.
Anti-discrimination Legislation.
Software Contracts.
Intellectual Property Rights.
Data Protection and Freedom of Information.
Internet Issues and Computer Misuse.

Organisation Structure and People Issues

Legal forms of Organisation.
Organisation models, parameters of Organisation design.
Management and Leadership.

Investment Appraisal

Payback period.
Rate of Return.
Cash Flow Forecasting.

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