Course Outline:   Principles of Change Management

Duration:  3 days

Course Code:  ASPPCMFC

This APM Group accredited course is based on the book by Esther Cameron and Mike Green, “Making Sense of Change Management”.  It builds on change management experience and focuses on the effects of change in four key areas, individual, team, organisation and change leaders.

It is an intense course that requires delegates to prepare thoroughly and be prepared for evening work throughout the course. The course takes delegates through the four key areas, and culminates in the examination on the third day.

It sits comfortably alongside MSP, M_o_R and PRINCE2. The book on which the course is based sets out and succeeds in offering a pathway of understanding through the maze of principles, theories and guidance on organisational change management, and gives a solid platform for clear best practice thinking.


Desirable although not essential is previous experience of change management, plus some pre-course reading on the subject

Course Overview

The 3 day course is quite busy, and for individuals coming from a project, programme, operations or senior management background is a fascinating insight as well as putting in place essential foundations for the future

This course will ensure that you have a good practical understanding of the impact change has on individuals, teams, organisations, and leaders, and how that understanding can support successful delivery of the outcomes and benefits required and expected.    

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for:
•    staff involved in Change Management;
•    those leading or about to lead change;
•    those seeking the qualification;
•    team members being effected by or effecting change, and individuals who will need to support their colleagues, team and organisation through change, and manage themselves through change.

Benefits of attendance

•    An examination qualification
•    Understanding of the impacts of change
•    Knowledge and understanding of how to support others through change
•    Potential to continue on to Certified Change Leader accreditation.
•    Understanding to support the organisation through change.

Course Content

Individual Change

•    How people learn
•    Factors influencing people's reaction to change
•    Four psychological approaches to change
•    Personality & Change
•    Resistance to Change

Team Change

•    The importance of teams in change
•    What is a team?
•    The effective team
•    Different ways teams can effect organisational change
•    Teams as seed of change/engines of change

Organisational Change
•    Organisational metaphors
•    Identify assumptions about organisations and change
•    Introduction of different models of change
•    Using case studies to critically evaluate the models of change

Leadership of Change

•    The relationship between leadership and change
•    Leadership styles and their different effects
•    Leadership roles in the change process
•    The demands of leadership of change


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