Course Outline:   Fundamentals of Project Management and Prince2™

Duration:  2 days

Course Code:  XSAFPMP2

To provide an understanding of project
management principles, practices and
terminology for senior management, project
managers and team members working in
projects using a PRINCE2™* project
management framework.

This is a two-day event and there are
no prerequisites.

Course Syllabus
Introduction and Objectives
The course manager explains the course
administration and objectives. Attendees are
asked to introduce themselves and to give
their personal objectives for attending the

The Challenge of Project Management
This module discusses the nature of projects
and provides an introduction to project
management and PRINCE2™.

Project Roles and Responsibilities
This module explains the need for a special
type of organisation for projects and describes
the various roles that might be required.

Commissioning a Project
This module explains the work that needs to
be done in taking an idea and getting a project
started on a firm management foundation. The
class will be introduced to the recommended
contents of a project Brief and Project Initiation
Document (PID).

Introduction to Planning
This module enables delegates to understand
the principles of planning. The module includes
a workshop to consider the effects of bad
planning and to establish the benefits of

Product Based Planning
This module enables delegates to understand
the concepts and benefits of Product Based
Planning. This is particularly significant for
team members, as product based planning
provides the basis of work allocation from
project managers to team leaders and
team members.

Business Case
This module identifies the need to establish
and manage the Business Case. The module
also discusses and describes the PRINCE2™
approach to Business Case management.

Risk Management
This module enables delegates to understand
the need for effective risk management and a
best practice approach to the subject.

Project Control
This module demonstrates the need for
effective monitoring in a project and considers
the aspects that need to be monitored. The
module also discusses the principles of project

Exception Handling
This exercise enables delegates to work
through to a solution a typical threat to project

Fundamentals of Project
Management & PRINCE2™
PRINCE2™ is a Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce.

Quality Management
This module considers quality in the project
context and considers the need to define
quality requirements early in order to enable
quality to be built in to the project’s products.

Project Scope Management
This module discusses need for effective
Configuration Management and Change
Control within a project.


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