Course Outline:   Managing Successful Programmes - Practitioner

Duration:  5 days

Course Code:  ITPMSPC

Managing Successful Programmes is the OGC Best Practice standard for defining and implementing change within an organisation. 
The role of the OGC in driving improved performance within the public sector through Gateway reviews is raising awareness and demand for this accreditation across all areas of the public and sectors and within organisations serving it.
Programme management is a framework which focuses on delivering business benefits through delivery of new capabilities from project and the transition of business operations to adapt to these new capabilities and deliver the business benefits.

Course Overview
The course follows the syllabus laid down by the Office of Government Commerce and is based on the manual released in June 2003. Delegates can sit the Foundation, Intermediate and Practitioner level examinations depending upon their requirement.
All ITP courses are presented by skilled lecturers with extensive experience in the programme, business change and project environment. The course includes examination coaching with the opportunity to tackle mock examination questions. For this course we are pleased to be able to offer the only APM accredited MSP Consultant in the UK.
Who should attend?
Senior Managers, Business Change Managers, Project Managers, Programme Office Staff and Project & Programme Management Consultants requiring an understanding of the methodology and its processes, and those investigating the benefits of adopting programme management within their organisation.
ITP’s training and associated services are accredited to UKAS standards by the APM group

Course Content
The Principles in Managing Successful Programmes advise how to:
  • Organise personnel to ensure responsibilities and lines of communication are clear
  • Manage the business case development and delivery
  • Plan the work in a way which achieves results
  • Ensure that the organisation benefits from undertaking the programme
  • Ensure that all interested parties (the stakeholders) are involved
  • Resolve issues which arise
  • Identify and manage risks
  • Ensure quality
  • Keep up to date information which tracks the continually changing environment
  • Audit a programme to ensure standards are being followed to achieve OGC approval.
The Processes in Managing Successful Programmes describe how to:
  • Identify the aim of the programme and envisaged benefits to the organisation 
  • Define the programme, and specify how the organisation will be different afterwards
  • Establish the programme Governance processes
  • Monitor and co-ordinate the projects within a programme to a successful conclusion
  • Manage the transition between the ‘old’ and ‘new’ ways of working, always ensuring benefit
  • Close the programme and ensure the ‘end goal’ has been achieved

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