Course Outline:   Influencing Skills

Duration:  1 day

Provider:  Xpertise

This course is designed to give participants a greater understanding of influencing skills and the negotiation process. It aims to enhance performance in the workplace by building self-confidence and developing the appropriate influencing skills and negotiation techniques.


Very rarely is something not negotiable in the business world. But when it is, and you are faced with someone who will not compromise, what do you do?
How can you achieve the outcome you desire in a way that is acceptable to the other party?

Delegates will learn how to:
  • Define the meaning of influencing
  • Know the characteristics of effective influencers
  • Be able to identify manipulative and non-manipulative influencing behaviours
  • Have identified how you are influenced by others
  • Have increased your awareness of what you can influence
  • Be able to draw on core influencing skills
    have produced a personal influencing skills action plan for implementation back at the workplace

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