Course Outline:   Introduction to Project Management

Duration:  2 days

Provider:  Aim Academy

This two day workshop is designed to introduce people to a structured approach to planning, managing and controlling a project. Individuals currently working for less than 12 months in Project Management, Team Leaders and people working on the periphery of projects and Project Management will benefit from attendance.


Attendance on this workshop will enable delegates to:-
  • Develop their understanding of the stages in the Project Management Process with particular reference to the Project Management Lifecycle
  • Understand and apply planning and control techniques
  • Build on their existing knowledge and skills in Project Management
  • Relate the various tools and techniques to one complete process
At the end of the workshop the students will be able to:-
  • Apply their knowledge in a practical way to real life projects
  • Use the tools and techniques associated with Project Management effectively
  • Take a professional view of all project work

During the syndicate activities delegates will produce various documents required to plan, monitor and control any project. They will have ample opportunity to discuss their findings, their understanding of the processes and their approach to Project Management.
Throughout the workshop additional information will be given to ensure syndicates cover the objectives of each session. Individual exercises will also be used to consolidate subjects taught.

During the workshop delegates will work on a project scenario in syndicates. Sessions will include the following topics:-
  • Introduction to Project Management
    • Project Lifecycle
    • Project Management Approach
    • Project Context
    • Project Organisation Structure
    • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Introduction to Programme Management
  • Documentation
    • Business Case
    • Project Management Plan
  • Breakdown Structures
    • Work Breakdown Structure
    • Product Breakdown Structure
    • Organisational Breakdown Structure
    • Cost Breakdown Structure
  • Detailed Planning
    • Networks
    • Estimating
    • Critical Path Analysis
    • Gantt Chart
    • Resource Histogram
  • People Management and Teams
    • Belbin Team Types
    • Motivation/Communication
    • Handling Conflict
  • Methods and Procedures
    • Risk
    • Change/Configuration Management
    • Quality
    • Monitoring and Control

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