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Principles of Change Management

Duration: 4 days
Course Code: XSAPCMFC
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Traditionally, business projects had a specified start, a clearly defined middle and a defined
end. Based on a management by objectives approach, project managers knew what had to
be done and the team had a very clear objective.

It is not clear when this model altered but we now live in a world that seems to change at an intense rate. Businesses need to be able to react not just to local competitive pressure but also to global competition and
wider political and competitive issues.

Dealing with change and, more importantly, the impact of change is a high priority for all organisations.

Working with Esther Cameron and Mike Green and building on the concepts in their book “Making Sense of Change Management” APM Group has developed a series of training courses to help organisations and, more particularly, their people come to terms with these issues.




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Who will benefit?

■ For individuals – individuals taking the courses will be able to develop their understanding of the subject, the negative impacts that change initiatives can have and how to address these in suitable ways in order to achieve the full benefits of change. In the current working environment all individuals see their organisation going through increasingly frequent change, and being able to deal with this will often contribute to an individual’s personal success within an organisation.

■ For organisations – the successful completion of the Principles of Change Management course will demonstrate that an individual has a good understanding of change, its benefits and its impact on various groups within the organisation. The Certified Change Leader course provides independent validation of a manager’s ability to lead a change programme.

Organisations with individuals who are properly trained in change management will be able to react more effectively not just to local competitive pressures but also to global competition and wider political and environmental issues.

Course Content

Unit 1 The Individual

  • How People Learn
  • People’s Response to Change
  • Four approaches to change
  • Resistance to Change

Unit 2 The Team

  • Teams & Change
  • The Effective Team
  • Team Development Model
  • To introduce Belbin’s Team Types
  • Teams as agents of change

Unit 3 The Organisation

  • Organisational Metaphors
  • Assumptions about Organisational Change
  • Models of Organisational Change
  • Part I Introduce planned change model and tools:
    • 1. Bullock and Batten
    • 2. Stakeholder analysis and readiness
    • for change
    • Introduce models to show the dynamics
    • of change:
    • 1. Lewin’s three phase model
    • 2. The change equation
    • 3. Bridges/Transitions
  • Part II To introduce organic and complex models of organisational change.
    • Developing an Integrated Approach to change
    • To introduce a integrated model of the
    • change process

Unit 4 Leadership

Difference between management and leadership
Links between leadership and metapho
Different types of leadership and their different effects
Leadership roles in the change process
Emotional Competencies of leaders
Coping with the demands of leadership of change

Course Format

The courses are each one day long. These are delivered as one event where participants are able to join and leave at times appropriate to them. Those wishing to gain the Principles of Change Management qualification must take all 4 courses and pass a final exam on day 4.

The examination for the Principles of Change Management qualification is a multiple-choice paper, with 17 questions on each of the four areas of change. Eleven correct answers are required in each section for the candidate to
achieve the award.


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