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Principles of Change Management

Duration: 4 days
Course Code: PMYCHMP
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Access an exciting new learning programme called The Principles of Change Management. This programme is accredited by the APM Group and delivered in four 1-day modules:

  • Individual Change
  • Team Change
  • Organisational Change
  • Leading Change

Through these modules you can gain a new qualification in Change Management, giving you the confidence that by the end of this programme you have a thorough basic grounding in Change Management.

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Learn the principles of Change Management

  • Have you ever tried to persuade a group of people to try something new … and failed?
  • Have you ever been frustrated at how long it takes for people to get used to some new working practices?
  • Do you find yourself as part of a project or programme where you are expected to embed beneficial changes in your organisation, but are at a loss to know how to do this?

Course Outline

1. Individual Change

This module gives you the foundation in what happens in each of us when we are confronted with doing something new. At the end of this module you will be able to look at human reactions from a number of different perspectives, allowing you to understand and deal with some apparently negative reactions. In this first module you will work through these fundamental questions:

  • How do people learn? And why does their performance drop? Does everybody learn the same way?
  • How does someone become competent at something new?
  • What factors influence everybody's reaction to change?
  • How does your personality affect how you deal with change?
  • Why do people resist change?
  • What are the proven strategies for taking someone through a change?

2. Team Change

Building on the first module, Team Change takes you through the vital role of the team. On this module you will develop solutions to these questions:

  • Why are teams important during change?
  • What is a team? Are there different types of team?
  • What would an effective team look like?
  • How does the team itself change?
  • How do you lead a team?
  • What are the common types of team member?
  • Which types of team effect the most change?

3. Organisational Change

In this workshop you will learn more about how large groups of individuals go through change together. By the end of this stimulating day you will leave with answers to all these questions:

  • How does organisational change work?
  • What type of management action leads to successful organisational change?
  • What are the basic ways of usefully viewing and talking about organisations? How do these views affect our beliefs about change?
  • What are the most widely used models of organisational change?
  • What is the difference between planned, organic and emergent change, and why do these differences matter?

4. Leading Change

In this final workshop, you will consider change from a leader's perspective:

  • What sort of leader are you?
  • What is the difference between management and leadership?
  • How do leaders engage with the different ways of viewing and talking about organisations? (This is introduced in the Organisational Change module.)
  • What are the different types of leader? What effects does each type have?
  • Must change always start from the top?
  • What are the four key roles for leading successful change?
  • What has emotional intelligence to do with being a successful leader?
  • How do leaders cope with the demands of change?
  • How do you prepare yourself to lead a major organisational change?

Foundation Qualification in Change Management

At the end of this APM Group-approved curriculum there is an optional one hour examination in Change Management, testing your understanding of the key elements of change at all these levels. This qualification demonstrates that you have gained a good grounding in the Principles of Change Management.

Who is this programme designed for?

  • Anyone needing change management skills, seeking to lead people through change:
  • Business champions, business change managers, programme directors, programme managers, project managers, operational leaders, leaders generally.

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